Word of the Year 2022

word of the year 2022

Word Of The Year for 2022

As I mentioned in my last blog post here,  I no longer make resolutions for the new year. 

I’ve gravitated towards a Word Of The Year. (Didn’t think that would be me, but here I am!). A word to guide my year forward. A simple word to help me focus on how I want the year to flow. 

I didn’t have to think too much for my word of the year for 2022.  

This year I will be celebrating my 50th year on this beautiful earth. I’ve been thinking a lot about the gifts and blessings of celebrating this birthday milestone. And while gratitude definitely tops the list, courage seems to be roaring ahead.

Why Courage?

Because when you get the privilege of celebrating 50 years on this earth, you learn a lot about courage. But there is something about hitting the 50 year milestone that reminds you it’s time to step into the fullness of life. 

No more holding back, wondering, living for the patterns of others or following the path of conformity.

And in order to continue to live a life that brings you ultimate joy, that moves you into your best self and celebrates all the lessons while continuously being open to the unknown, courage needs to roar its daily presence. 

 Sometimes fiercely and boldly.

 But often in a quiet force.

Courage is that word you so often need but leave hanging in the air. 

Knowing that it’s within reach but never really knowing when or how to pull it close.

So many times you think courage has to be this big adventure that allows you to pack your bags and travel to another continent.

As Brene Brown mentions in an episode of the Good Life Project Podcast, courage is more about a value than succeeding.

And while courage can consist of that big adventure, it’s that daily dose of courage – the quiet force of showing up each day that adds value to wholehearted living. That whisper that speaks to you. That little hunch with a  lingering feeling.

Courage often speaks to you in ways you may not even realize. Often blinded by fear, comfort and familiarity. Blinded by the many thoughts playing over and over. Making it so easy to miss the possibilities of courage right in front of your eyes.

Choosing courage daily is about the simplest acts that stirs within you. Reminding you to choose the best part of yourself for……….yourself. Stepping into those moments that require you to trust what’s possible. Tapping into your potential. Revealing the beauty of what surrounds you. And filling you up with the simplest amount of joy.

Choosing courage daily is about choosing the courage to:

*rewrite your story

*show up and be seen

*show yourself some grace

*rest and just be

* self-love

*be open to new possibilities

*set boundaries

*let go of the past


* embrace fear and do it anyway

*live out 2022 your way on your terms. No resolutions, intentions, or even word of the day even needed. 

*practice courage over and over again.

Let courage be that word that has your back and guides you to infinite possibilities. That word you need to bridge you to the other side of the unknown. The word that shines your brightest light. It’s easy to dim that light by settling into fear. Fear feels safe, comfortable and familiar. Fear keeps you trapped and protected. But the only thing you are protecting is missing out on the beauty and possibilities that await on the other side. 

Choosing courage daily is about embracing fear. Knowing fear will always show up but whispering to fear that it needs to linger in the shadows because it’s time to do your soul’s work.

Let courage be that friend you need when fear shows up. That friend who steps up to protect you while whispering: you go this; who holds your hand and guides your steps while you walk blindfolded to what awaits to the other side; who sees you crash and burn at your worst, but still knows that your best is so bright.

Let courage be that friend who proudly stands in front of you with shades on so you can see the power of your own brilliance and feel the radiating heat of your own light.

Yeah, tap into that. Let Courage be your friend in 2022 and beyond.

Join me in choosing courage daily!

Love and Courage to You!