“Why Do You Write About Courage?”

“Why Do You Write About Courage?”

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“Why Do You Write About Courage?”

Someone asked me why I write about courage. It made me pause and I thought about it. Writing about courage seemed to be what I needed and had to do. It wasn’t a drawn out plan where I had topics to choose from and courage made the list. It was more of a knowing. An inner guidance leading me in the direction of where my soul and words needed to be.

I enjoy writing. It feeds my soul and allows me to express myself. I also like to think I have a message that just might inspire at least one person. But I also know writing and sharing my writing requires putting myself out there. Will I be judged? What will they say? Am I even a writer? 

And that’s where courage comes in. 

choose courage every step of the way

Fear Can No Longer Win

Writing about courage is my journey of not only showing up, but more so in this chapter of my life. This chapter of embracing fear, stepping out of my comfort zone, becoming a published author, and an entrepreneur.

It’s my journey of finally embracing fear. Allowing fear to show up but no longer controlling me. Fear can no longer win. Fear can no longer dictate my thoughts and actions. It’s about making friends with fear and tapping into all the courage within to lead me to the life I want to live and the work I want to create. 

Choosing Courage

Choosing courage is about making the decision to grow beyond the familiar while being in the presence of fear.It would be easy to think fear would just disappear and poof, courage would set in. Everything would be all good and Fearless Fiona would emerge, but that is not the way courage works.

Courage is about taking one step at a time. Into unfamiliar spaces. Without the certainty of the outcome. Only certain that you will come out the other side even better than when you started. Stronger than you imagined. Glowing with possibilities. 

My journey fuels me because I know we are all battling our own courage stories. There are so many others who are doing life, have dreams, goals and want to step out of their comfort zone.  Whatever THAT might look like, I hope to inspire others to trust that fear is okay. Fear can be one of our biggest gifts. If we can embrace fear  and allow it to guide us to courage, we can begin to see the truest versions of ourselves.

Show Up

Keep Showing Up

Now, that doesn’t mean it will always be easy. In building my writing work, fear has decided to come along for the ride. I have had great days and moments where I have felt on top of the world. I have also had moments where I have failed, more stops and starts than I would like and Doubting Debbie creeping up to try and trick me into thinking I am not worthy of doing this. I can’t let these moments win. I’ve come too far and I know I was made to do this. 

But most importantly, the whispers have been calling far too long. The desire keeps showing up in more ways than I can count. And while I have no words to truly express what I feel when I write, all I know is my soul comes alive when words flow from my pen to paper or keyboard to screen. 

So, whatever makes your soul come alive, do THAT. Just go and do THAT. The hours and days will pass anyway. So, just go for it. Don’t focus on perfection or getting it right all the time. Just show up whether you can give a little time or a whole lot of time. Show up and keep showing up.

I can promise that you will fail and I can promise you fear will show up. But I can also promise that you will have more courage than you ever thought possible and your soul will come alive in the most beautiful way.

In Love & Courage,


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