The Sweet Surrender

Goodbye 2022

And just like that 2022 is coming to a close. It would be so ambitious to say I am ready to close out the year and set big lofty goals for 2023. If there is one thing I’ve learned in 2022, it’s that life has a way of happening in the most unexpected ways. 

I started 2022 with a word of the year and all these plans to move my blog further along. I started out the year choosing courage. Being more vulnerable. Practicing and sharing my writing with the world. Recording new podcast episodes. The path was becoming clear and the groove of putting words to paper began to flow. Little did I know my writing and podcasting would get sidetracked by life.

Sometimes you can have all the grand plans but life decides to show you otherwise. Life came to a screeching halt. Literally. Writing block kicked in. Soul healing took a front seat. Time needed to heal all wounds.

You Are No Longer in Control

While there may be moments where I wished my  work would have blossomed into a more creative masterpiece, I can fully accept this is where I need to be. Doing the work of healing one’s soul is never easy. It requires deep introspection, peeling back the layers, and opening up to a new awakening. 

The awakening began with the willingness to release what was no longer serving me. I needed to slow down and focus on being present. It was no longer about doing, setting timelines and becoming frustrated when timelines were not met. I could no longer control outcomes. 

The control was becoming obsessive.  Desired in such a way where I was constantly gripping on to untenable timeframes, while finding myself slipping into an unyielding abyss, all at the same time. Constantly caught between creating the work of my heart, showing up for the day-to-day job and everything in between.

Control needed to be released. Surrender needed to show up. 

Sometimes God or the Universe often get our attention in our least favorable moments. A reminder the unraveling can be powerful. Reminding us the best version of ourselves can emerge from our messiest seasons. I could no longer grip. My mind, body, and spirit were tired. 

Surrender showed up.

Being Instead of Doing

Surrender allowed me to just be. I began to pay attention and trust the process. Guided by being instead of doing. Being present. Being intentional. Being purposeful. Being the writer instead of doing the writing. And when that happened, a beautiful flow of ideas and words began to emerge. I needed to let go in order to receive without an agenda.

So for 2023, I have no lofty plans, no goals, no vision board, no word of the year, and absolutely no resolutions.  I stopped doing resolutions years ago. Just surrender. Let it all go, Trust the process to unfold. Write because it brings me joy. Focus on being instead of doing. Being open to all and any possibilities. All while continuing the work of surrender.

The Surrender Begins

Sometimes it can feel as if nothing is happening in the surrender. Almost stagnant. Just waiting around. Hovering. But if you can go within the quiet corners of your heart, you will feel the unfolding of your power and strength. A power within that is yet to be discovered.

 You will begin to see and feel the unraveling of that which no longer serves you. You are finally stepping into your own power. You own truth. You may feel like you are on shaky ground. Losing the steadiness beneath your feet. You are ready for the sweet surrender.

Here’s to 2023!

In Love & Courage,