The In-Between Space

The Pull

Sometimes courage is not always about the destination. The final point. The grand reveal. Sometimes courage is about the in-between. The in-between of the life you’ve been living and the life you are meant to live.

Lately, I’ve been experiencing a lot of the in-between space. Ready to leave my old self behind while reaching for the life I am meant to live. It can feel scary and mixed with so many unknowns. It requires being aware of where I am in the moment while constantly wrestling with the pull.

The pull of becoming the woman I am meant to be and doing the work that I have been called to do.

The in-between can often feel like you’re on shaky ground. The constant battle and unsteadiness of shedding what no longer serves you while trying to emerge into the truest version of yourself.  The layers have been peeled back enough where you can no longer ignore the pull. You are no longer walking the path blindly. And you are no longer trying to grip every step of the way . The work has been unfolding and you must step into what awaits you. Uncertain, but also filled with a knowing that this is the direction you must go. 

The Journey of the In-Between

The journey of the in-between must continue in order for you to evolve to the other side. It can often feel messy, out-of-sorts and unsettling, always sifting and sorting, but you cannot escape it. Escaping it only prevents and prolongs where you are meant to be. You must work through it. Really work through it. Enduring the lessons every step of the way.

There is no hiding or playing small. There is a certain urgency – not a careless rush- but a consciousness towards the pull. Marching and facing the pull, knowing anything else would lead to a dead end. You can try to ignore or run from it,  but it will keep showing up. Reminding you it is time to face the pull head on.

Let Courage Carry You

The in-between will feel like the shakiest ground is about to give way beneath your feet. And any minute now everything that once was familiar is about to fall apart and crumble. At the same time, your heart knows that what was once familiar must fall apart in order for the pull to emerge. The uncertainty will often fill you with fear and doubt. But you will also come alive in ways you never thought possible.  It is in coming alive that courage shows up to carry you through the in-between and beyond.

Marching towards the pull will require you to call on courage over and over again so you can bravely step into the space beyond the in-between. And go beyond the in-between you must. Remember, you must answer the call.

The in-between is leading you to the pull, where courage meets fear, authenticity,  and joy.

The pull that opens up delightful surprises and opportunities.

The pull that leads you in the direction of your dreams.

The pull that leads you where you are meant to be.

Discovering the In-Between

So, how do you ride through the in-between?

  1. Meditate: Take time to get quiet and still. Going within will guide you to where you need to be and what you need to do.
  2. Be Present: Focus on the now. It’s easy to get caught up in the past or worry about the future, but doing so brings more murky moments and thoughts that do not serve you. As Eckhart Tolle reminds us, when we are present in the now, we gain clarity and become alive in the moment. 
  3. Journal: Write down your thoughts and feelings. Getting your thoughts out will help you understand and sort out all the murky feelings.
  4. Movement: Walk, run, dance, sing. Get out in nature. Watch the ocean waves roll in. Listen for the quiet in the woods. Hike up the mountains. Getting outside and enjoying some fresh air will help you feel energized and focused. Move in ways that please you and make you feel good. 
  5. Spend Time with Friends: There is nothing like hanging with a crew of friends who are aligned with your energy, make you laugh and have your back. They can help carry you through the in-between.  Make time for friends!
  6. Take Action: Taking small steps towards the pull will help you in the direction of your dreams. Your dreams are yours for a reason but they won’t happen out of thin air. Take small steps to work towards the pull that calls you. One small action step a day will add up to giant gains over time.

Here’s to the murky, messy middle, in-between space.  It may feel unsettling and confusing but beautiful things are happening.

In Love & Courage,