moChats with the CEO of Schwartz Design Showroom: Alexis Varbero

moChats with the CEO of Schwartz Design Showroom: Alexis Varbero

  Posted February 25, 2021  

In this episode, moChats with Alexis Varbero, CEO and Owner of Schwartz Design Showroom. Schwartz Design Showroom is a trade only showroom catering exclusively to interior designers and architects. 

Alexis Varbero cut her teeth as Global Marketing Director at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics before returning to the family business to run Schwartz Design Showroom as third-generation CEO.

Joining the furniture business was not in Alexis’ plans but having children sure has a way of rearranging life. While SDS has been in Alexis’ family for 75 years, she learned about the  furniture business by answering phones and building relationships. Alexis made it a point to work hard and learn everything she could about furniture and design. 

Alexis also shares with us the joys and challenges of running a family business. Her mom has been a mentor and inspiration. Beautiful lessons were learned while carving a path of her own. 

Alexis’ journey would not be complete without the support of her husband, children and her village. As she shared in our chat, no one does it alone. Alexis acknowledges her success is only possible by the village that surrounds her.

Some takeaways from our chat:

  1. You have to believe in yourself so you can take the elevator up.
  2. Having a vision allows you to be able to see it through.
  3. Your life pivots and you have to take a moment to take it all in but then move forward again and again.
  4. It takes a village. You cannot do it alone. You cannot have it all at the same time.
  5. You have to create your own definition of success and work towards it.