moChats with an Introvert Business Owner: Maayan Bobylev

moChats with an Introvert Business Owner: Maayan Bobylev

  Posted April 6, 2021  

Maayan Bobylev is a Life and Business Coach. Maayan helps entrepreneurs in the coaching and personal development space systematize and organize their business. 

As an introvert business owner, Maayan wants all entrepreneurs to know, your personality should not keep you from showing up and being of service. Being an introvert is not a sign of weakness. It’s tapping into your strength, accepting who you are, and utilizing your skills to supplement your weaknesses when needed.

With her background in project management, tech, and digital marketing, Maayan has developed the S.H.I.F.T. Method which focuses on: sales and systems, heart, influence, flow and technology. 

Using the S.H.I.F.T. Method, Maayan teaches the basic breakdown of what you need to know to get your online business up and running. If you are a coach building your online coaching program or course, Maayan will be your guide throughout the process. 

Her virtual retreat starts April 12th! 

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Some takeaways from our chat:

  1. Being an introvert is not a sign of weakness. Self-acceptance is your superpower. Use your strengths too supplement your weakness.
  2. You can be a heart-centered business owner. Being cutthroat is a myth. 
  3. Business is not just about doing “business”.  Focus on building connections in your business.
  4. Understand your clients so you know how to hold space as a coach for people with different personalities.
  5. There is no such thing as work-life balance. Focus on work-life synergy.