moChats with an Author: Ibi Zoboi

moChats with an Author: Ibi Zoboi

  Posted October 1, 2020  

In this episode, moChats with Ibi Zoboi. Ibi is a Haitian-American author of young adult fiction. She is best known for her young adult novel, American Street, which was a finalist for the National Book Award in Young adult Literature in 2017.

Ibi chats about her journey of stepping out of the comfort zone to write young adult stories. Ibi created her own path and found her voice through writing to live life on her own terms and become a published author.

Ibi had a vision about become an artist. She says “When you’re an artist there is a way you can envision a future that has not yet happened'” This is a reminder to all artists to dream big and keep focused on your vision. In building a vision, it allows you to see it and feel it before it even comes to fruition.

Three takeaways from our chat:

  1. Have a vision: you need the vision to keep you focused and determined on building your craft.
  2. You’re not going to know everything: and that’s okay! Embrace what you know and do what makes you different. If you can’t figure it out…
  3. Ask for help: this is not about being a martyr. Reach out to others to seek advice and help in areas you need. If you are great with content and need technical assistance, don’t waste your time figuring it out. Use your resources and seek the help you need.