moChats with a Voice Actor: Stephanie Nasteff-Pilato

moChats with a Voice Actor: Stephanie Nasteff-Pilato

  Posted November 19, 2020  

I had the honor of chatting with the amazing Stephanie Nasteff-Pilato! Wife, mother, lifelong storyteller, and  commercial voice actor. Stephanie has voiced hundreds of commercials (Yes, the Tide, Jiff, and Lysol commercials…that’s her talented voice!) and narrations over the past 18 years.


Stephanie and I chatted about her journey to family (her love for her family runs deep!) and voice acting. She had dreams of becoming a movie actress, but the universe had even better plans than she could have imagined for herself. 


She learned to trust the power of her voice to inform and connect with her audience. In doing so, she embraced her gifts and learned to live life on her terms.


As we are all in this COVID world, Stephanie had to make a pivot in her career. She is currently working on a new project, a memoir podcast, about her family’s hotel business, Hotel Delmarva.


The ultimate artist, Stephanie shares with us her mantra for creating art. “It doesn’t have to be great. It can be good. Beautiful, true, and finished. Those are the only three things.”


Your work or art does not have to be perfect. It has to come from your beautiful authentic self and you just have to get it done.