moChats is now choose courage daily

I am so excited to announce moChats has a new name: choose courage daily.

choose courage daily is about the courage you have, want, need, hide from, or avoid.

Sometimes courage is big and other times it’s small. While big courage is often needed at different chapters of life, small courage can sometimes lead to the greatest impact! 

With a background in Speech Language Pathology and coaching women in public speaking skills, I have seen firsthand the power of courage.

Courage can free us from fear. Unlocking our limitless potential. 

As I get ready to celebrate 50 years around this earth, courage and I have danced a lot together!

Sometimes hiding behind the curtain. Sometimes doing it afraid. Other times gliding and in sync every step of the way.

I am excited to talk to different guests about their courage journey.

Join me for solo and interview episodes where we explore what courage is, how we choose courage, why we run from it and everything in between.

If you’re ready to choose courage daily, subscribe wherever you listen to your favorite podcast!

Love and Courage,