choose courage daily with Marie McGehee

choose courage daily with Marie McGehee

  Posted February 5, 2022  

I am so excited for this episode of choose courage daily! I had a chance to chat with Marie McGehee about her courage journey.

Marie  is a global communications leader and reputation strategist with extensive experience in some high-profile Fortune 500 companies.

Currently,  Marie leads communications and corporate affairs at the Estée Lauder Companies, North America. And she recently ran a half-marathon! (Talk about choosing courage!) She is also wife to Frank and mom to Madison and her fur baby, Sunshine.

From watching her parents choose courage in building a new life as immigrants in the United States, her journey as a young black girl in a white neighborhood, a black woman in corporate America to running a half marathon, Marie has been dancing with courage every step of the way.

Marie shares with us what courage means to her and how she shows up everyday choosing courage. Some days its easier than others, but when fear shows up, it’s a reminder for her to keep learning and growing. And having just celebrated 50 years around the sun, she is fully embracing herself!

Some takeaways from our conversation:

1. Courage is about evolving and growing

2. Choose the courage to believe in yourself.

3. Fear is part of the journey and is an opportunity to learn.

4. Choose the courage to be your authentic self.