Let It Go 

Let It Go 

Let It Go

Spring is slowly making its way in my neck of the woods. There have been a lot of cold days mixed in with a few sunny and warm days.  It feels like winter does not want to let go and make room for spring. The cold days have felt very cold and raw feeling like spring is nowhere near on the horizon. 

This made me think about how completely letting go of what no longer serves us is often needed in order to make room for new growth and possibilities. 

In my last post I wrote about finding beauty in the mess. But in order to find that beauty, letting go of what no longer serves you has to be at the heart of your journey. 

Sometimes letting go can be a long process. It requires shedding of old thoughts, beliefs and actions. Just like the cold days of winter that want to linger,  we often hold on to many things that block our peace, joy, freedom, possibilities or opportunities. 

The Biggest Gift You Can Give Yourself

Letting go is one of the hardest things to do as a human being. You are so attached to who you are and fear losing the comfort of what is safe and familiar. But if you continue to hold on to what no longer serves you, the freedom to fully be yourself and live life full of peace, continues to escape you.

You may want to hold onto the past, but how does that really serve you? Storing the past in your current thoughts, beliefs, and actions, limits the clarity you need to move forward. Joe DIspenza says it so well by reminding us we can’t move towards the future living in the emotions of the past. You can acknowledge the past and embrace it as part of your journey. You don’t have to let it control you and your future.

Letting go is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself. By letting go you can release the anger, grudge, fear, and stress bringing you closer to a life of peace and freedom. And at the end of the day, couldn’t you use more peace in your life? 

Now, this doesn’t mean letting go is an easy process. Letting go is never easy but you can make the decision that you are worthy of living a life where the past no longer controls you. 

The Journey to Letting Go

The road to letting go is about embracing the lesson, being gentle with yourself, committing to doing the work, and welcoming the discomfort of growth. Peace truly comes from the road of discomfort.

Life is all about lessons. Embrace the lessons. Lessons show up to teach you more about yourself and grow you to the next level. You can either embrace or ignore these lessons. When you embrace the  lessons, you make room to evolve into the highest version of yourself.

Doing the work is about taking responsibility for your actions, not letting your mistakes define you and loving yourself in the process. It’s about showing up every day to do it over and over again, day in and day out. Commit to doing the work.

You won’t always have letting go figured out so be gentle with yourself. Some days may be easier than others. Other days letting go will require your greatest acts of courage. Be patient with yourself on the journey. You deserve to speak to yourself with love and kindness.

As you continue on the road to letting go, you will have to step into discomfort.  Letting go will require you to step into unfamiliar territories. Feel your discomfort and name it. Think about why you feel the way you do. If you can be aware of your discomfort, so much good can come from it.

Finding Peace

I once heard the question (I think it was from Oprah);  Do you want to be right or do you want peace?  Being right is about holding on to what no longer serves you. Choosing peace is about letting go of what no longer serves you. 

May you find peace as you journey to letting go.

In Love and Courage,


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