Choose Courage

Courage is what shows up when you are about to go into battle with yourself.

Courage is when you are faced with a heart full of fear. Your mind filled with doubt and uncertianty. Hands with uncontrollable shaking.

But you decide to go forth into battle. One breath at a time. One step at a time. Into unfamilair spaces. Without the certainty of the outcome.

Only certain that you will come out on the other side even better than how you started. Stronger than you imagined. Full of growth. Glowing with possibilities.

If you’re ready to choose courage to speak online and grow your audience and business, I would love to support you.

Your voice is a beautiful instrument. It projects the most beautiful words but it can be the hardest instrument to play.


You worry about the sounds being soft, hard, shrill or piecing.

You are afraid of the words being out of tune and off key.

You think your voice should remain in the case. Collecting dust.

What you don’t realize is your voice deserves to play sweet music.

Your voice deserves to pulsate and vibrate.

Your voice doesn’t have to be perfect.

You just have to start speaking. One word at a time.

Trust your voice and words to support you. It will show up for you with strength and courage.

When you choose courage, your voice will show up for you. Revealing words you never thought possible. The discomfort will feel uncomfortable but it will guide you to the most magical place.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Choose courage.