Finding Your Light

When you are on the precipice of your metamorphosis, your wings are gathering strength to soar.

It may seem unsettling. It may seem shaky. And it may seem dark. But within the darkness is when the shift happens.

Darkness is where your cape begins to hover over you.

Darkness is where you earn your crown.

The emergence of the light begins your renewal. The darkness and light compete for your attention. You are ready to say goodbye to the darkness.

The light begins. Your renewal rises. You no longer hide. Nor do you want to. You come through with only shadows of the dark lingering.

You are rising up to meet your essence. Intention is at the center.

Directing your foot path.

Directing your mind.

Directing your heart.

You are now better equipped to handle the journey before you. The journey within no longer seems daunting, in spite of whatever bumps may lie ahead.

You are resolute in knowing your radiant light glows, reflecting back to you like a magnet.

This is the journey of your desires finally coming to fruition.

Your heart and mind are open to all the possibilities and all that awaits you.

You choose goodness.

You choose joy.

You choose love.

You choose you.

moLife: living life while constantly straightening out my crown