Embrace who you are and love yourself for it!

Embrace who you are and love yourself for it!

We all have different skills and strengths. That’s what makes this world go round and round.

Embrace who you are. Focus on what you do. Master it. Do it well.

Don’t try to be the ‘next person’. There is only one YOU and the world wants to hear from you.

You have gifts and talents to share with the world. Even if you think someone has already done it. You will always bring your own spin, your own style, and your own story to the work.

There is an audience that wants to read your books. There is an audience that wants to hear you speak. There is someone who wants to buy your art. There is someone who wants to eat your cakes. And there is someone who wants to pay you for your service.

How do you master your craft?

Read and Research: read, read, and read some more. Read as much as you can about your craft. Learn from others who have come before. Gather tips, ideas, and research what course or steps you might to have take.

Network: Talk to others who might help you work on your craft. Even if you don’t share the same skills or craft, there are lessons and experiences that can be shared.

Practice: You know the saying practice makes perfect? Well, it’s true! Now I am not talking about being a perfectionist. That won’t sustain you nor is that reality. I am talking about consistently working at your craft that you get so good, you can do it in your sleep. The kind of practice that challenges and grows you. Make it about that kind of practice.

Ask for help: stop trying to be a martyr. You don’t get points for martyrdom and we all could use a little help. There might be an area of your craft you just might have to outsource. Maybe your focus is on the content or product itself, but you don’t have a tech or numbers brain. Ask for help in those areas that will make working on your craft easier. Ask. For. Help. You’ll be glad you did.

Stop thinking and just do: You want to pursue your craft, you just have to go for it. You could keep thinking it over and over. Trying to figure out all the moving parts. All the reasons not to start. It’s not the right time. I need to wait until I am ready. The right time is now. In this moment. Figuring it out one baby step at a time.

Embrace your skills. Your skills are valuable and worthy. The world needs to hear from you.

Do it your way. With style, flair, and intention. And don’t forget to add a little badassery to it!

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