two different words

I often think the words courage and confidence get used interchangeably, but I really do think there is a distinct difference between the two.

So many times when you are wanting to try something out of your comfort zone you often hear: Be confident, All you need is confidence, You have to be confident.

If confidence was all you needed, you would be doing the thing that scares you. You would be stepping or even dancing out of your comfort zone. Actually, you wouldn’t even have to step out of your comfort zone!

Confidence is that feeling you get for those things you can already do. Those things that you’ve done over and over again. You trust yourself and you trust that “thing” you are doing. 

Why? Because you already got it down pat. You got it figured out and you are as cool as a cucumber.

Courage. Oh sweet courage… Now that word, I always say, is where the magic begins. You’ll probably hear me say that a lot! 

But Courage requires you to step into a place you have never been before. Why? You have no idea what the outcome will be. You don’t know how you’ll get through it. But you decide to forge ahead only knowing that when you get to the other side, a better version of yourself will be revealed.

When the fear shows up, you often freeze or wish the fear to go away. You don’t know how to work through the fear. You want to speak live online but fear keeps you from pushing the record button.. Or you decide to start that business and you keep pushing it off because fear keeps you doubting and wondering if you’ll be successful. Or you’ve been getting that pull to move across the country but fear of the unfamiliar and trying something new keeps you paralyzed from moving forward. 

Confidence doesn’t really come into play here. You’re still unsure of what you are capable of accomplishing. And you haven’t quite stepped into the pool because you are swimming in fear. 

 Psychology Today states that confidence operates in the realm of the known, courage in that of the unknown, the uncertain, and the fearsome. 

This is where tapping into courage comes into play. Courage allows you to take that first step before confidence because the first step is always the hardest. 

Got Courage?

Courage is what shows up when you are about to go into battle with yourself.  There is no one else in the ring but you.  Courage is what allows you to move forward in spite of your fear and doubt.

Courage propels you into the unknown and unfamiliar. Faced with a heart full of fear. Your mind is filled with doubt and uncertainty. Hands with uncontrollable shaking. 

BUT you decided to go forth into battle. One breath at a time. One step at a time. Into unfamiliar spaces. Without the certainty of the outcome. 

You have no idea how things will turn out. You don’t know how giving that talk will inspire ohers. You don’t know what starting that business will look like. And you have no idea how moving across the country will change your life.

You are completely entering into unknown territory. Only certain that you will come out on the other side even better than how you started. Stronger than you imagined. Full of growth. Glowing with possibilities. 

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Love and Courage,