#Chapter50 Begins: There’s Something About Fifty

#chapter50 begins

#Chapter50 Begins

#Chapter 50 begins! I got to celebrate my 50th birthday this weekend and what a gift it is to reach this milestone birthday!

Some people often have a hard time embracing their age, but I’ve found getting older as an opportunity to become a better version of myself.

I can appreciate the wisdom that comes with aging. There’s  something that comes with turning 50. I’ve lived long enough on this earth to embrace the fullness of who I am – imperfections and all while shedding layers that no longer serve me. 

It’s no longer about following the prescribed version of what the world wants me to be. It’s about fully stepping into my soul’s growth and expansion.

Stepping Into Alignment

Oprah often says as long as you have breath you have purpose. And my purpose is finally becoming clearer in this chapter of my life.

And as a lover of words, the word alignment feels so fitting for this chapter of my life. Aligned with who I am, in how I show up, in the choices I make, and in my personal growth. And of course, it all starts with courage.

It takes courage to be able to step into your own alignment. To be able to quiet the noise that surrounds you with certain expectations and ideals so you can fully align with yourself, is one of the most courageous acts you can take on.

Embracing Fifty

What Does It Mean To Be In Alignment?

Alignment comes from within. You cannot be aligned when you are continuously trying to please the world around you. Alignment is about tapping into your intuition while moving into the world with ease and flow. It’s quieting the nose around you so can you fully step into your authentic self. 

When you are aligned with your thoughts, choices, and actions, everything makes sense. It just feels right. You don’t have to question or doubt. There is an inner knowing guiding you every step of the way.

Finding Your Alignment

Now, choosing courage and being in alignment does not mean you will have a perfect stress-free life. It means that those tough moments will show up but you will be able to move with a calm and ease towards the most soul-guided solution.

While finding your alignment comes with age and wisdom, it also requires you to do the inner work that leads you to your authentic self. It’s the kind of work that opens you up, breaks you down, and brings you back to yourself.

It’ not always an easy feat but it is the biggest gift you can give yourself,

Here’s to #chapter50 and beyond!

Love and Courage,