Celebrate Another Year Around The Sun

Happy Birthday To Me!

It’s My Birthday Month

It is truly a gift to celebrate another year around the sun! I feel truly blessed and grateful  to add another year to this beautiful thing called life. I know for so many people getting older can feel like a death sentence. For me, I choose to fully celebrate life and embrace the gifts that come with getting older.

It can be so easy to reflect on the past year and wallow in all that didn’t work out or goals that weren’t accomplished. That would certainly be the easy thing to do. And in another chapter of my life, I might easily go down that road, but I have come far enough to embrace the beautiful lessons that can bloom within a year of life. 

Reflections As I Celebrate Another Year Around the Sun

While the past year certainly had its challenges, it was also filled with so much goodness. Nothing can be better than the gift of breath. The breath that allows me to enjoy this new year and birthday. The breath that allows me to be present. The breath that reminds me of the fullness of life. The breath that allows me to celebrate another year around the sun.

This breath allowed me to build upon my meditation practice bringing me to a new level of awareness and peace. I was reminded that no matter what was happening, meditating could lead me to where my mind was no longer riddled with the thoughts or worries of the day but with focus, calmness, and clarity.

I am also grateful for a growing writing practice. The flow of the pen gliding across the page.  The sound of the keyboard flicking away. Reminders of the gift of creativity where I can share my words of courage. Yes, there was a gap due to taking  time to heal all wounds, but through the sweet surrender, vulnerability and courage led me back to the pen and keyboard where creativity could once again come to life.

Courage is Always Part of the Journey

And speaking of courage, well, let’s just say we have spent a lot of time together this past year.  We connected in a way we have never been before. Walking a path of discovery and trust. At times, truly in sync and dancing every step of the way together. Many times courage led the way while I followed along with blind faith. Other times I learned just how much courage lived within me.

I am not sure what this new year holds for me but I am excited about all the possibilities. I am going to focus on growing my craft. I have some projects in the works along with more writing and getting back to podcasting. What am I most excited about though, is being at peace right where I am.

Be at peace right where you are

I want to keep showing up, stepping out of my comfort zone and choosing courage over and over again. I want courage to keep being the wind behind my sails. Pushing me in spaces I never thought possible and allowing me to create beyond my wildest imagination.

How Do You Celebrate Getting Older?

Celebrating another year around the sun
The beginning of my finest hours

  Oprah  recently celebrated her birthday and talked about how we get to celebrate another year around the sun. She mentions we can either mark getting older as the end of our greatest days or the beginning of our finest hours. I am choosing to celebrate as the beginning of my finest hours. The best is yet to come. 

What will you choose?

In Love & Courage,