21 Jul, 2024


Word of the Year 2022

Word Of The Year for 2022 As I mentioned in my last blog post here,  I no longer make resolutions for the new year.  I’ve gravitated towards a Word Of The Year. (Didn’t think that would be me, but here I am!). A word to guide my year forward. A simple word to help me focus […]

Five Tips for Giving Effective Virtual Presentations

Virtual meeting has become all the rage. With quarantine, and social distancing upon us, companies, schools, organizations, families, and friends have found new ways to connect with others. The answer: Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx, and a myriad of virtual platforms have shown up to keep us connected and learning. Little did we know how much […]

Ready. Set. Launch.

Ready. Set. Launch. Six years ago I wrote my first writing piece. Only shared it with a couple of friends just for fun. But over the years the call to write, continued, with whispers, followed by roars. With many starts. Many stops. And more starts again. You know life would get in the way. Along […]