choose courage daily

  Posted February 7, 2022     Blog

It’s time to choose courage daily. Last week I posted about  courage over comfort . It made me think about my own journey out of my comfort zone.  I started a podcast, moChats, last year which really stretched me out of my comfort zone. I had t...

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Courage Over Comfort

  Posted January 31, 2022     Blog

Do You Want To Live Life In the Comfort Zone or Full of Courage? Being comfortable allows you to be in a space where everything is familiar, easy and safe.  You surround yourself with the kind of  routine that allows you to get through the day-to-day...

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  Posted January 24, 2022     Blog

I often think the words courage and confidence get used interchangeably, but I really do think there is a distinct difference between the two. So many times when you are wanting to try something out of your comfort zone you often hear: Be confident, All you ...

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Four Tips to Help You Choose Courage

  Posted January 18, 2022     Blog

Choosing Courage in the Day to Day Before getting started, I would like to take a moment to introduce myself and share a couple of things. First, I am Mo Jones, a writer,  Podcast host of choose courage daily and motivation...

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Word of the Year 2022

  Posted January 1, 2022     Blog

Word Of The Year for 2022 As I mentioned in my last blog post here,  I no longer make resolutions for the new year.  I’ve gravitated towards a Word Of The Year. (Didn’t think that would be me, but here I am!). A word to guide my year f...

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Reflections On My 2021 Word Of The Year

  Posted December 28, 2021     Blog

Reflections On My Word of the Year I used to make New Year’s resolutions. And like most people, they would be out of the window by the time the end of January rolled around. I then moved on to setting intentions. I ...

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Finding Your Light

  Posted September 25, 2020     Blog

When you are on the precipice of your metamorphosis, your wings are gathering strength to soar. It may seem unsettling. It may seem shaky. And it may seem dark. But within the darkness is when the shift happens. Darkness is where your cape begins to hover over you...

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