Be Your Own Recipe

Be Your Own Recipe

Be fierce. Don’t be sensitive.

Be strong. Don’t be weak.

Be loud. Don’t be quiet.

Be aggressive. Don’t be nice.

Why is there only one way to be? 

And who gets to decide who you should be?

The world often wants to shell out a “perfect”recipe of the way to be. 

The beauty of being human is you get to feel and experience the world with depth and intensity. There are no rules. No guide. There are no ingredients. No measuring cup. And no step by step instructions. 

Just because you get 2 cups of fierceness on Monday, doesn’t mean you only get to mix in 1/2 teaspoon of sensitivity on Tuesday.

Wednesday shows up so that means pour in 1 cup of strength and swirl in 1/4 teaspoon of gentleness on Thursday.

On Friday you only get 3 cups of loudness and whip up only 1/8 tablespoon of quietness on Saturday. 

And on Sunday you get one whole bowl of aggressiveness and leave out weakness because it just won’t mix in well.

That is not the way it works. 

You get to be fierce AND sensitive.

Strong AND weak. 

Loud AND quiet. 

Aggressive AND nice. 

You get to feel and be all of that. 


Because they are whispers at the core of the truest version of yourself. 

And the whispers hold space for you. Mingle together. Co-exist. Because there are so many parts that make up the whole of you are. Reminding you of your power within while providing all answers.

When you ignore them, the whispers only get louder. 

And when you try to create a perfect recipe for them, they roar. 

The whispers do not need perfecting. They don’t bake perfection. 

The whispers are about authenticity. Being true to you. Showing up just as you are.

But when you don’t attend to the whispers, they can erupt like a volcano. Bursting with fire, flame, and ashes. Completely outside of your being. Completely losing the essence of you.

So keep being your own recipe. Listen to the whispers. The whispers lead and connect you to your core. Let the whispers be your guiding light. Let the whispers remind you of who you are and who you are meant to be.

And may you always honor yourself by listening to the whispers. 

In Love and Courage,


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