Hi! I’m Mo Jones!

Writer. Podcast Host. Speaker.

The whispers began one day.
The whispers began to get louder. Then, they roared.
Now its time to pay attention.

I know what it’s like living life while going through the motions and the whispers roaring; allowing fear to creep in and keep me from stepping into my calling.

But when the whispers roar, you can either decide to let fear win or answer the call and choose courage.

It’s time to choose courage.

My life was often navigated by fear; limiting my voice and my power.

I went on to become a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) to help others find their voice. Little did I know becoming an SLP would really end up helping me find my own voice.

Eight years ago I completed my first writing piece. I only shared it with a couple of friends just for fun. But over the years the call to write continued, with whispers, followed by some loud roars.

With many starts. Many stops. And more starts again. FIlled with twists and turns.

You know, life would get in the way. Add to it that four letter word that decided to keep showing up: FEAR.

I learned I could either continue to live a life full of fear or tap into courage.

I decided to  choose courage. Over and over again.

I invested in myself.

I learned to embrace fear.

I answered the call be a writer.

I answered the call to entrepreneurship.

I answered the call to Podcasting.

I answered the call to coach women entrepreneurs.

And I answered the call to being a Motivational Speaker.

 Mo Jones Speaks is about empowering women to answer the call….one word at a time.

Through my writing, podcasting and motivational speeches, I empower women to embrace fear and choose courage.

What’s calling you?

What are the whispers saying to you?

Growth is uncomfortable.

There is no growth in fear.

It’s time to embrace fear and choose courage.

Let’s do this together one word at a time!


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