Hi! I am Mo Jones, your dedicated guide on the journey to unlocking the power of your voice. With a passion for public speaking, I am here to help you transform into a courageous and confident speaker.

I  know what it’s like to live life navigated by fear. Fear of showing up. Fear of using my voice. It would have been so easy to hide in the shadows and let fear take over. But what kind of life would that be! I knew there was so much more for me.  My voice needed to be heard! I went on to become a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) to help others use their voice. Little did I know how much becoming an SLP would help me find the power and purpose in my voice. And now, I want to help you on your speaking journey.

As a Public Speaking Coach, I bring a unique blend of experience and empathy to our sessions. Having navigated the world of public speaking myself, I understand the challenges you may face. My approach is not just about technique but also nurturing your authentic voice while embracing fear and choosing courage. Whether speaking in person, online, or podcasting, we will work together to address deep-rooted fears, help you get comfortable in your voice, enhance delivery, and craft compelling messages that leave a lasting impact.

Are you ready to embrace fear and choose courage? 

Let’s do this together….one word at a time.

In Love and Courage,


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